"I want you to feel pain, to think about pain, 
to accept pain, to know pain."

Pain for anonymous

Legendary Sannin Member: Orochimaru 大蛇丸 | Cap from t-o-k-i-d-o-k-i
"No me importa la oscuridad. Estaba en la oscuridad en la que me crié."

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Make me choose between two characters and I'll make an edit with my answer:
Kakashi or Gai - request by: kougamy


Played a game: To Color Your Favourite Character.

Of course Kakashi and Naruto!!

Those Are The Real Heroes

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うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


'Sakura… You better survive.'

'You too, Sasuke-kun…'

hearmylullaby :

El ojo que puede hacer que el sueño hecho realidad infinita ... 
... se abrirá para reflejar en él!

Personal Favorites:  2 of ??

Naruto Shippuden | The lost tower : Minato is not amused

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